Writer: Bruno Schulz

Bruno Schulz is a master of fantasy, fairy tale and sensation who builds a world out of worthless stuff but around which our life flows and where the only essence is the permanent change of masks and shapes. Althought Schulz is an intellectual partner with Musil and Kafka, but instead of the universal-scaled dread he builds a house on his own childhood. The magical-realist author of the Cinnamos Shops writes the last days of the Monarchy from a Galician small town’s point of view, with his own father, Jakub’s eye as a child in the character of a solid merchant and philosopher-magician, Joseph. “The childhood would be the realization of that brilliant age, Messianic age which was promised so many times by the mythology.” - Schulz writes. Against the owerflowed chaos Joseph defend hismself by letting it inside his house and looks for a place in the space of existence: “How naive is to think that we can change our fate by changing thousands of trifle things! I only wish to extinguish the weakfulness of the faith and without any splurge, unobserved turn invisible with the luck on my side.”

The August created by the fifth year students of the University of Arts Targu Mures - Hungarian Theatre Faculty directed by Zoltán Balázs actor, director, the artistic leader of Maladype Theatre, since its premiere in Targu Mures on 13th of January 2018 got many festival invitations in Romania and abroad.

From the season 2018/2019 Zsigmond Bödők and Ágota Szilágyi joined the team and the performance is on Maladype’s repertoire played on the Trip Ship.

Zsigmond Bödők
Brigitta Dőry
Brigitta Erőss
Róbert Fekete
Simon Jáger
Andrea Lukács
Gáspár Mesés
Szilágyi Ágota
Lilla Zsenák
Borstnik International Theatre Festival, Maribor, Slovenia - 2018
House of Culture, Lendava, Slovenia - 2018