Maladype 10 év/10 years

The book, which is available in both Hungarian and English shows the 10 years of development of Maladype Theatre from its establishment
until end of 2011.


Based on the editor’s concept the book tells us about the history of the company, its aesthetic and theatrical development. It also serves as records for the performances and their analyses and tries to show the reader a unique contemporary theatrical artistic phenomenon through the writings and reflections of famous artists as well as Hungarian and foreign specialist writers. The plan and layout of the book, the pictures and texts were made by the artist József Tasnádi. For the ready concept the artist developed a special programme, which like a scanner creates images of the pictures and comes up with a metaphoric system that is like a coloured barcode with the recognizable performances. In addition to the condensed metaphoric images photos also illustrate the work of the company. The cover design and book concept tell us a lot about the image vision, the unique archive of the work of the company. It is the essence of visualization, time and theatrical language and as such it is the very first of its kind in the world of publications.

The book was created with the support of Hungarian Resource Ministry and National Culture Fund. It was published by Maladype Theatre Non-Profit Association in November 2011.