Maladype in Sarajevo and Moscow

After Bratislava, Prague, Sibiu and Maribor, the Maladype Theatre’s successful performance, "August", can be seen in the program of the “Hungarian Cultural Week” of the Western- Balkan Cultural Season in Bosnia and Herzegovina on March 8 in Sarajevo and March 9 in Zenica at the Winter Festival. After that, the company will be on tour on April 23 in Moscow at the “Your Chance” International Theater Festival.

The Sarajevo Winter Festival offers a wide range of programs on the streets of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in different galleries and theatres from February 7 until March 21. At the twelve locations of the festival, about 1200 artists from 41 countries will be present. The international cultural and art festival started its first season in 1984, during the XIV. Winter Olympic Games (hence the name). This year the theme is “noise and rage” („buka i bijes”). The Winter Festival announces the boundless idea of openness and freedom with the assets of art after the recent reorganization of the countries of the region. Hungary is the honorary guest of this year’s festival.

The “Your Chance” International Theater Festival is held in Moscow in April 12-27, organized by Theatre Union of Russia. The Maladype Company will have its “August” performance on April 23rd in the Na Strastnom Theater. The 12-year-old “Your Chance” Festival offers to the world’s best career entrants the opportunity to show their professional skills. Year after year the most talented young actors from Russia, Europe, Asia and America meet in Moscow. Many of the projects launched at the famous “Na Strastnom” Theater center became an integral part of the cultural life in Moscow and Russia. Many famous actors and directors have made their first steps on the stage of this theater. New trends and names will get the opportunity this year as well.

The recommendation of the creators:

The magical-realist writer of Cinnamon Shops-Collected Stories (1934), Bruno Schulz, describes the last days of the Monarchy in a small Galician town, where the decline of the old world is seen through young Joseph’s child’s eyes in the figure of his own father, Jacob, a solid merchant and a philosopher-mage at the same time. The short stories feature the history of the merchant family living in the city. Although Schulz is the spiritual companion of German expressionists, Robert Musil and Franz Kafka, instead of a terror of universal dimensions, he builds his house from his own childhood. In the performance August, based on the short stories, the director, Zoltán Balázs translates the linguistic metaphors of the writer to images, body, movement and gestures; the fine teamwork and intellect of the actors of the company make it plastic.

Bruno Schulz: August

Director: Zoltán Balázs

Cast: Zsigmond Bödők, Brigitta Dőry, Brigitta Erőss, Róbert Fekete, Simon Jáger, Ivett Andrea Lukács, Gáspár Mesés, Ágota Szilágyi, Lilla Zsenák
Production manager: Katalin Balázs
International relations: Sylvia Huszár

08.03.2019 19:30 – Sarajevsko Narodno pozorište, BIH
09.03.2019 19:30 – Bosansko Narodno pozorište, Zenica, BIH
23.04.2019 19:00 – Na Strastnom, Moscow, RUS

The guest performance of the Maladype Theater in Sarajevo and Zenica, within the Western-Balkan Cultural Season, was sponsored by the Balassi Institute. The russian guest performance was sponsored by the Embassy of Hungary in Moscow., 07.03.2019