August at Festival of Independent Theatres

Maladype Theater's non-verbal performance AUGUST can be seen on June 7, 2019, at 19:00 at the Pesti Színház within the Festival of Independent Theatres. After Prague, Bratislava, Sibiu, Maribor, Sarajevo and Moscow, our performance will take place in Budapest again. Everybody is welcome!

After the success of the independent theater productions featured in the 2017/2018 season, the Vígszínház will once again host the Festival of Independent Theatres in June 2019. At the event taking place at the Pesti Színház, the participating theater companies can enjoy the support of Budapest's most important theater.
In the performance August, based on Bruno Schulz’s collection of short stories Cinnamon Shops, the director translates the linguistic metaphors of the Jewish extraction polish writer to images, body, movement and gestures; the fine teamwork and intellect of the actors of the company make it plastic.

The ensemble of Maladype implements the bizarre system of the interrelationship between form and content of a highly-strung writer through the language of acting, theater and arts. The nonverbal stage composition of the remarkable poetic language depicts the world as it appears in the feelings of the narrator: it is capable of ever-changing, flickering and limitless transformations.
Bruno Schulz, the master of colored fantasies, tales and sensations builds his stories from worthless trifles within the wings of which our life happens, and where the only essence lies in the continuous alternation of masks and forms. Although Schulz is the spiritual companion of German expressionists, Musil and Kafka, instead of a terror of universal dimensions, he builds his house from his childhood. The magical-realist writer of Cinnamon Shops describes the last days of the Monarchy in a small Galician town, where the decline of the old world is seen through young Joseph’s child’s eyes in the figure of his father, Jacob, a solid merchant and a philosopher-mage at the same time. According to the writer, childhood „appears to be the materialization of that ’age of genius, the ’age of Messiah’ promised by all the mythologies.” Joseph protects himself from the aggression of the suffusing chaos by letting it into the house and finding a place for it in the spaces of his life. “How naive it is to think that we can forge our destiny while struggling with thousands of small things in our life! I only wish to escape the vigilance of fate and, without creating a sensation, unobtrusively nuzzling up to my good luck, become invisible.”

Cast: Zsigmond Bödők, Brigitta Dőry, Brigitta Erőss, Róbert Fekete, Simon Jáger, Ivett Andrea Lukács, Gáspár Mesés, Ágota Szilágyi, Lilla Zsenák

Director: Zoltán Balázs
Production manager: Katalin Balázs
Creative producer: Sylvia Huszár