Alice in bed - Zoltán Balázs directs in Târgu Mureș once again

On March 7, the Faculty of Arts in Hungarian of the University of Arts in Târgu Mureș will present Susan Sontag’s Alice in Bed.

Recommendation for the piece:

This is the second time actor and director Zoltán Balázs is working with the graduate actors from Târgu Mureș, since the internationally acknowledged performance, August. The founder-director of the Maladype Theater in Budapest has also worked in France, Slovakia, Slovenia, the United States and Romania, but there are also productions connected to him like Anna and the Barbie’s 10th Anniversary Jubilee Concert. Over the years, he received many awards for his work, the Jászai Mari Prize, the Knight's Cross Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic, and the Critics’ Award for outstanding accomplishments in Hungarian Theater. The Romanian Association of Theatre Artists (UNITER) has nominated The Master and Margarita (Sibiu), in the category of best performance.

Now, with the actors from the University of Arts, they are presenting Susan Sontag’s Alice in Bed in eight scenes. The production is characterized by the liveliness and playfulness of Zoltán Balázs’s performances, which adds something special to Susan Sontag’s wonderful text - translated by Dorka Porogi, a former student director of our university-. As Susan Sontag says: “I think I have been preparing to write Alice in Bed all my life. A play about anguish, grief and rage of women, a play about imagination. The reality of the mental prison. The triumphs of female fantasies and the limitation of the imagination.”

In the performance are playing the graduate actors, Anikó Rákosy L., Bernadett Vadász, Fanni Zádor, Judit Réka Barkó, Lóránd Czüvek, Kornél Ádám, Zoltán Pál. Assistant: Zsuzsa Juraszek, student director., 04.03.2020