Zoltán Balázs holds an acting workshop at the V4 Festival

This year's international workshop of the V4 Festival and Theater Meeting, celebrating its 10th anniversary, will be held by actor and director Zoltán Balázs, to which performers from the V4 countries are invited. Participants in the creative training can learn about the Gold-Bug Method between June 18 and 21, 2023. A presentation of the joint work will be held on the 22nd of June, the opening day of the most prestigious music and culture festival on the Danube bank in Nagymaros, in the theater tent that also hosts the performances of the 10th Theater Olympics.

Since the beginning, the festival director of the V4 Festival and Theater Meeting, Márk Kis Domonkos, has considered it important since the beginning that the festival provides an opportunity for young artists from the V4 countries to collaborate and learn about each other's culture. In addition to presenting Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian performances, an international workshop is also organized every year, where the participants work under the guidance of a well-known theater director. It has now become a tradition to show the results of their work to the general public. In previous years, at the closing gala of the festival, and this year on the opening day, a presentation combined with an audience meeting will be held in the theater tent.

Director Zoltán Balázs regularly conducts acting workshops both at home and abroad. The name of the Gold-Bug Method was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, whose protagonists reach their goal based on their knowledge-based analytical and evaluation skills.

"We live in a new era of human civilization where mediatization and the internet confine us to a different kind of thinking and learning. In today’s visual culture, permeated by a notion of culture change as well, the focus is being shifted from linguistic-conceptual thinking to a creative one. Creativity is much more appreciated, and so are all those things that machines are barely, if at all, capable of executing. These skills can most effectively be acquired through the arts, including theater," says the founder-director of the Maladype Theatre.

The four-day workshop will take place before the V4 Festival, between June 18 and 21, 2023. During the training based on analytical thinking, the participants explore unexpected situations and unknown areas, where attention, skill, the ability to improvise, as well as creativity and changing rules shape group dynamics.

Its framework is provided by various logical, strategic, cooperative and communication, individual and team games, which create unusual game situations for both the community and the individual. You can apply by sending your professional CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until May 21, 2023. The workshop is in English and the number of participants is limited.

When selecting the participants, the order of application and the proportional distribution between the V4 countries are taken into account. Professional and student performers from the V4 countries can apply, regardless of genre. The workshop is free of charge, and accommodation is provided for foreign participants.

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