Great Sound in the Rush

Writer: Sándor Weöres
Great Sound in the Rush

Co-production between Maladype Theatre and Qaartsiluni Ensemble

Composer: László Sáry
Director: Zoltán Balázs


László Sáry’s opera Great Sound in the Rush is a perfect encounter of words and music. Before Sáry it would have hardly occurred to anyone to choose Sándor Weöres’s poem "Theme and Variations" as a libretto for an opera. According to the definition of the genre, in a semi-serious opera everything happens differently from what we are used to, yet, all that is required for a chamber opera is given: overture, 12 acts, arias, recitatives, choruses, and a finale. The closing pieces are games based on Sáry's collection Creative Musical Exercises, while the postlude is the parody ofclassical comic opera finales. Beyond the punch lines of the text and the musical quips, everything is poignant and cathartic in Sáry’s piece.

Presenting Sáry's work provides a remarkable opportunity for celebrating the composer who turns 75 in 2015, while the production also offers a rare interchange between contemporary music and contemporary theatre to the audience. Staged by Zoltán Balázs the performance is realized through the collaboration between Maladype Theatre and Qaartsiluni Ensemble. Maladype Artistic director Balázs's creative relationship with Sáry began with the acclaimed stage adaptation of the composer’s oratorio Theomachia (by Sándor Weöres) in 2003.


László Borbély – piano
Ildikó Duffek – vocal
Kata Huszárik – vocal
László Kéringer – vocal
Anna Petrovics – concert flute
Anna Rákóczy – concert flute
Lajos Rozmán – clarinet
Ágota Szilágyi – vocal

Besides their main instrument musician play on various stones, teak, and other creative instruments.

Musical director: Lajos Rozmán
Assistants of director: Anita Prajda, Zsolt Oláh
Production manager: Katalin Balázs

Opening Night: 15 July 2015, International Bartók Seminar and Festival - Weöres Sándor Theatre, Szombathely

HIGH Fest International Performing Arts Festival, Yerevan, Armenia - 2018
FIAT International Theatre Festival, Pogorica, Montenegro - 2018
New Synagogue, Žilina, Slovakia - 2018
ATELIER International Theatre Festival, Baia Mare, Romania - 2018
Culture House, Sighetu Marmației, Romania - 2018
Blue Bird Festival, Kalocsa, Hungary - 2018
Finálé Festival, Szeged, Hungary - 2018
Służew Culture House, Warsaw, Poland - 2017
Shakespeare Theatre, Gdańsk, Poland - 2017
Central European Theatre Festival, Kosice, Slovakia - 2017
Théâtre Saint-Gervais, Geneva, Switzerland - 2017
House of Arts, Kisvárda, Hungary - 2016
MUSIK THEATER TAGE WIEN Festival, Vienna, Austria - 2016
Valley of Arts, Taliándörögd, Hungary - 2016
Chamber Opera Festival, Eger, Hungary - 2015
Óbudai Társaskör, Budapest - 2015
National Theatre, Miskolc, Hugary - 2015
Harmadik Színház, Pécs, Hungary - 2005

Special Award for a Genuine Musical and Stage Expression
FIAT International Theatre Festival, Pogorica, Montenegro - 2018
Artisjus Award of the Year - classical music - 2016