Balázs Zsedényi: From Suit to Rubbers Duck

“Strange tension is vibrating in the New Studio of Thália Theater.
Eggs are flying around here and there almost denying the laws of physics. Eggs which are wandering with pulsating dynamics from hand to hand, mouth to mouth and from all other places to anywhere else.
And there are actors madly concentrating with each and every bit but working - almost acrobat-like - with precise but accurate gentleness.
The company radiates joy. They are cheerfully playing with each other – sometimes in a childish way, acting to the world, which gives a special atmosphere to the performance that easily “sniffs” the audience. Of course the music is undoubtedly needed, which helps a lot to keep the audience’s attention during the “developing” stage of certain scenes, not to mention Bolero which was truly a good choice for the finale – and also those mixes which bring in Latin mood to accompany the evening. Éva Bakos, Hermina Fátyol, Kamilla Fátyol, Ákos Orosz, Zoltán Lendváczky, Zsolt Páll, Katalin Simkó és Ádám Tompa work together like an accurate and efficient machine always paying attention to each other, while they are setting in motion enormous physical and mental energies on stage."

Balázs Zsedényi: From Suit to Rubbers Duck (excerpt),