Bálint Kovács: Idea never dies

"The two performances differ from each other like the circumstances they are laid in: the royal court ran by protocol is a dangerous place, so the director must be careful as if he was a bull in a china-shop. Thus the direction is more orderly, concentrating on the playscript, while the direction of Egmont being laid in the other side of the „barricade” meaning the commons, is impetuous, and very clever halfway between literal and post-dramatical theater. In both of the performances the actors are very good regarding not just the quality of their work but the fact that what they do is not transfiguration but the extension of their real characters – the audence feels if someone would stand up from his/her seat and ask Ákos Orosz (as Posa and Egmont) any relevant questions, he would reply with arguments not written in the scenario, still remaining in his role; or if the girl leaning still on the jamb would be neither Erika Tankó nor the naive Klara of Egmont but a third person mixed from the two."

Bálint Kovács: Idea never dies (excerpt)