Gábor Bóta: From Entanglement to Collective Solitude

„Maladype Theatre is a company with members who are regularly participating workshops and their physical fitness is enviable. Now it cannot be actually defined whether they are prose actors or artists of movement.
We are watching almost one and a half hour of constant moving mostly for the music of Ravel. But this is neither dance, nor ballet, rather a more and more impulsive, but at the same time naughty, childish espieglerie. As if kids with a great fantasy would just get into mischief and mess around with everything – including each other. Experiencing every little thing. Kissing an egg into each others mouth, or sniffing a raw egg with narcotic pleasure.
As a set – or sometimes a partner brought to life – there are thirty puppet-flamingos. Actors are pushing, placing them – once it seems like a pink army was organized, then they are hiding behind the birds or dancing with them.
The basic questions of theatre are asked. The question of how far an actor can be brought to the borders of physical and mental burden without suffering irreversible damage.”

Gábor Bóta: From Entanglement to Collective Solitude (excerpt), Népszava