Klaudia Nagy: Piece is in the Hands of Russia

“After a long time, Zoltán Balázs, the manager and artistic director of Maladype Theatre, returns to the stage as an actor. And it was worth the wait as in the role of Victor Kravchenko he passionately presents Russia’s grimmest half-a-century. His habitus as an actor continues to impress: not only does he push the boundaries of the audience, but his own personal limits as well. Zoli Balázs is Zoli Balázs and Victor Kravchenko at the same time. He is Kravchenko, with Zoli Balázs winking at us from time to time. At any rate, this duality of the actor identifying with his role to such extent is rare in Hungarian theater. There is very little room for acting, actually, as the setting is very small, almost like a close-up shot of a camera: it immediately ejects what is fake. Zoltán Balázs is a genius because he acts without any mannerisms, ‘not as an actor.’ He spontaneously reacts to the outside world; there is not one pre-meditated or ratiocinated concept. He is simply there; there is a sense of naturalness to him in his presence as he leads us through the experiences of Kravchenko, going through heaven and hell.”

Klaudia Nagy: Piece is in the Hands of Russia - Zoltán Balázs from Maladype made a brilliant one-person performance( excerpt), index.hu, 2015.