Péter Molnár Gál: Büchner

„Zoltán Balázs has exceeded himself. More precisely he has reached the top of his carrier as a director – to-date. (…) Balázs’s Büchner is certainly original away from tradition. (…) Instead of explaining relations, concentration, internal attention and respecting a partner the audience is brought into chaotic person-society relations. We forget all our previous experiences of either reading or seeing the piece on stage. We ask ourselves whether we knew anything about it or are we just getting to know this story. Human circuits - we are becoming the center of accurate attentions. We follow the intentness of the actors. Our attention is directed by the actors. (...)
„Swedish, German, sign language, Hungarian idioms. The props are made to speak. The bamboo stick serves as a weapon, a penis, litter, monument, a cross, an instrument, or a drumstick. The actors are handling the canes perfectly. They are making a dumb instrument to speak. The performance speaks every language. First of all the language of theater. As its mother- and fathertounge. Leonce and Lena is not experimental theater. It is professionally preformed theater."

Péter Molnár Gál: Büchner (excerpt), szinhaz.hu