The Maladype Theatre launched its “Crossroads” project in 2011. The program’s main goal is to present artistic directions, theatres and workshops that represent new trends in cultural life, enhance new artistic initiatives, help in establishing new ways of contacts with the audience and foster ties among different countries. That way the European independent theatres are given the possibility to cooperate and establish a network that helps them in creating new meeting points for dialogue and interaction.

The Maladype Theatre has benefited a lot from its international ties: by establishing them it has the possibility to get acquainted with various theatrical troupes, traditions and institutions. We consider our important task also to present new trends, and young talents to our spectators. We invite theatres and performances that can adapt easily themselves to our location and technical conditions.


WHISTLE - My Mother was Mengele's Secretary

"As a child I was never hugged or kissed, I think my parents did not even see me. I wrote this story to stop being an invisible child” (Yaakov Buchan)

Tami, the only child of Auschwitz survivors, discovers at the age of 45 that she has not yet ever really lived. This startling revelation comes to her through a stranger, who suddenly enters her life and opens up locked doors to her soul. Tami feels that this is her 'last chance'... but is she capable of loving as she dreams? Who should she ask for permission from? Can she even believe she deserves love?

"Whistle" - is a monodrama that brings the pain of the second generation of survivors, and reveals the invisible wounds of the Holocaust, through a human story about a woman fighting for her natural right to rejoice, live, love... But the black hole inside her threatens to swallow anyone who tries to get close.

Adapted for stage by: Hadar Galron
Performed by: Hadar Galron
Dramaturg and Director: Hanna Vazana-Greenwald

The play is performed in hebrew language with hungarian and english subtitles.

The length of the performance: 60 minutes

Ya'acov Buchan – Israeli writer and artist (painter). Winner of the Bernstein Prize, twice winner of the Prime Minister's Creative Prize for 1993. Winner of President's Award for transcript and audiovisual program for Yesod HaMaala. And the ACUM Prize winner for Children and Youth Literature. Ya'akov Buchan, a second-generation Holocaust survivor, gives a unique and unusual expression in his books ("Color Blind", "Transparent Child", "Milk Valley and Blood-Orange") as the son of Holocaust survivors. In the horror stories his mother told him, just so that he would eat... In the guilt he felt for not being able to come to her aid... In the resurrection of a murderer who awakens in himself to take revenge... In his endless search for the real border..

Hadar Galron – playwright and actress. She is an international writer, actress, comedienne, director and songwriter for cinema, tv and theatre. Coming from a religious home, many of Galron’s works touch gender and religion themes, topics on which Hadar is a professional lecturer, too. Hadar Galron is also a professional lecturer and compere (in Hebrew and English) and teaches dramatic writing and acting in several Drama academies and Universities. Amongst her works: MIKVE (2005) - Nominated for six National theatre awards and won two – including Israel’s prestigious “Play of the Year“ award in 2005. "Mikve" has been Internationally produced in several countries. PULSA & PASSION KILLER, THE SECRETS, BRURIAH, IMAMA, MUSRARA, WHISTLE- My Mother was Mengele's Secretary, JEWISH ENOUGH FOR HITLER, MY FIRST JEWISH CHRISTMAS

Hanna Vazana Grunwald - director and dramaturg. Hanna Vazana-Grunwald is a director, creator, playwright and moderator of Israeli Theatre groups, founder of the "Freichot Ensemble." Her work promotes theatrical language, questions and content that intersect with the cross-gender Sephardi identity and status. This is an artistic and political commitment to the weakened and silenced voices of Israeli society and Israeli theatre. Tools come from community theatre and plays are also committed to mutual guarantee and social solidarity practices. Her work underpins a new theatrical genre, of poetic-documentary theatre, and work in artistic techniques of unwritten work without pre-written play that emphasize her personal, social, and historical experience performing and deconstructing in front of audiences, images and stereotypes of Oriental femininity. This work included social sensitivity and shaped the concept of her feminist Sephardic political world. From her works: "Papag'ina," "Friecha a Beautiful Name," "Pearl Paper Heart," "Sof Al Hakatino" (nursery rhyme), "Maternity," "Whistle," "Tikva Quarter Cairo," " Impregnate and Give Birth."