The Maladype Theatre launched its “Crossroads” project in 2011. The program’s main goal is to present artistic directions, theatres and workshops that represent new trends in cultural life, enhance new artistic initiatives, help in establishing new ways of contacts with the audience and foster ties among different countries. That way the European independent theatres are given the possibility to cooperate and establish a network that helps them in creating new meeting points for dialogue and interaction.

The Maladype Theatre has benefited a lot from its international ties: by establishing them it has the possibility to get acquainted with various theatrical troupes, traditions and institutions. We consider our important task also to present new trends, and young talents to our spectators. We invite theatres and performances that can adapt easily themselves to our location and technical conditions.


Hurricanes/Uragani - Actor’s concert Teatro Potlach

The 37-year-old Teatro Potlach (from Italy) is on tour with their performance Hurricanes/Uragani. Daniela Regnoli’s actor-concert directed by Pino di Buduo will be presented on 2nd and 3rd of December, 7 p.m. on Maladype Base. The performance with songs by Brecht and Kurt Weill reflects on our everyday struggles through the unusual destinies of women living between the Wars.
The theatre not so well-known in Hungary is going to make a presentation with screening on 1st of December in Maladype. This free programe gives the chance for those who are interested to get an insight into the everyday work and art philosophy of Potlach based in Fara Sabina and closely related to the famous Odin Theatre.

Director: Pino di Buduo
Actor: Daniela Regnoli

A musical journey in the Germany of the Thirties through ballads and songs written by B. Brecht and set to music by K. Weil, which bring us in the past century’s Europe in the period between the two wars.
Stories of women who recall their sixteenth year of age, when they were still children and ready to fall in love with the first wrongdoer they would meet, women without adolescence, grown up too quickly under the bombs of the Second World War.
Desires, passions, memories and destinies of women, but also weaknesses of men, anonymous stories of common persons like us, little everyday storms, sometimes hurricanes. And hurricanes are written in books of history when they involve the life of the big people. Men of thought and philosophers, as well as kings, queens, emperors and leaders, the old wise Salomon, Cleopatra, Julius Ceasar, B. Brecht himself, they all thought they had the world in their hands: what has become of them?

About Teatro Potlach:

Teatro Potlach was founded in 1976 in Fara Sabina (Rieti). The name comes from the anthropological studies of its founders and means, in the language of the Northwestern American Indians, the rite of the free gift which gives prestige to the ones who gives and to the ones who receives. Potlach history starts in the years of the Roman theatre avant-garde, and takes its move from a choice of research and experimentation. Potlach’s artistic identity expressed itself simultaneously in the production of indoor and street perfomances, and in the starting up of pedagogical projects involving the whole of the expressive and performatory techniques, from clownerie to parade, to musical theatre, in a constant exchange of knowledge with national and international groups, in the search for a professional figure who can give a show for every kind of audience. Since 1991 Teatro Potlach creates the project Città Invisibili in Europe and America: it consists in a theatre work “outside theatres”, which transforms the everyday spaces through the discover of the cultural identity of the place and through the elaboration of the creative energy of its inhabitants.