Readers Theatre

- Readers theatre at Maladype Base

Taking advantage of the possibilities its space offers, Maladype Theatre launches a new project: a rehearsed reading series. The program will feature select plays by lesser-known contemporary authors, which will be enacted by the actors and guest artists of Maladype with unconventional theatrical means.

Charles IV: An Unfinished Story

Performed by: Zoltán Balázs, Zsigmond Bödők, Kata Huszárik, Erika Szilágyi, Erika Tankó

The readers theatre premiere of György Csepeli’s dramatic fragment titled Charles IV – An Unfinished Story takes further the cultural anomalies that developed after the war and yet are still dominant in the present: the possible interactions of the fragmented identity in the multinational Monarchy as well as the spirit of historical figures keeping progressive and free development in mind.One unique feature of the concept is that while it takes no sides, it does encourage a critical debate. It does not ignore the representatives of areas affected by the consequences of war (Emperor Wilhelm, Emperor Franz Joseph, Sixtus and Xavier - Queen Zita’s brothers, Czernin); on the contrary: the play presented integrates these characters into the framework of a theatrical performance via its script. By assuming constructive and open communication, it can create an opportunity for the listeners, actors, and partners to get to know each others’ thoughts, to exchange views, to allow for the seminal flow of common values, to let people of value meet with each other and work together.

The readers theatre presentation is in Hungarian.