Readers Theatre

- Readers theatre at Maladype Base

Taking advantage of the possibilities its space offers, Maladype Theatre launches a new project: a rehearsed reading series. The program will feature select plays by lesser-known contemporary authors, which will be enacted by the actors and guest artists of Maladype with unconventional theatrical means.

The Girl with the Match

Translated by: András Kozma
Performed by: Judit Ligeti Kovács

On May 24 8.30 p.m. you can see The Girl with the Match by Klim (Volodimir Klimenko) legendary, almost unclassifiable author of the Russian and Ukrainian literature. His dramas are built on expressive visuality, special tempo-rhythm acting, and poetic, polyphonic writing. The Girl with the Match translated and directed by András Kozma with Judit Ligeti Kovács in the main role will be presented on Maladype Base as part of our Readers Theatre series.

Klim was the student of such great masters as Anatoly Efros and Anatoly Vasiliev from Russia and Volodimir Oglobin from Ukraine, but he walked his own way since the 1990’s searching the sacral dimension of theatre. He created a significant lifework as a director, playwright, drama trainer, and also as an art philosopher. In the past few years he attracted attention by his surreal plays and the unconventional adaption of classics (based on the books of Ancient Greek authors, Shakespeare, Gogol, Dostoyevsky etc.).

András Kozma, director, playreader and translator of the play:

"I often made decisions intuitively in my life. When I was at the preliminary at the Film Academy I felt something wrong and left. Then I attended faculty of arts and never regretted. I have quite huge encyclopaedic knowledge thanks to the university where I graduated from Russian Literature, studied some other languages and my admiration for theatre remained all along. The turning point for me was a Japanese dance performance in Szkéné Theatre in 1988 which was very different from the physical theatres I knew before. I got in touch with them and achieved to be invited to a festival in a small Japanese village every year. So I had the chance to learn new aspects of body awareness and of the relationship between soul and motion. For being half-Russian I worked as a translator in some main stage productions like one of Anatoly Vasiliev's, staged in 1994 in Hungary."