Don Carlos

Writer: Fridrich Schiller
Don Carlos

Translation: István Vas

Director: Zoltán Balázs

Don Carlos, written by Schiller, is an excellent example of the pathetic-rhetoric thesis-drama genre. It’s story takes place at the power structure of the scheming and severe, highly regulated Spanish royal court. The plot is focusing on the faltering and anguishing prince, Don Carlos who is just about to be torn by the unfulfillness of his personal relationships. As for the aspect of the dramatic action, the most significant character is – the advocate of the European humanism – Marquis of Posa. He is the one who leads and merges the emotional and political motives into a unified system of inducements. However Carlos and Posa are going to fall, the youthful ambitions of their „golden dreams” will not be able to come true in the empire of necessity, the noble ideals of freedom and friendship triumphs over in the abstract layer formulated with lofty diction of this drama.

Philip II, King of Spain: Károly Kuna
Don Carlos, Price, son of Philip: Zoltán Lendváczky
Marquis de Posa: Ákos Orosz
The Duke of Alva: László Keszég
Elizabeth de Valois, Queen of Spain: Erika Tankó
Princess Eboli: Gabriella Varga
Grand Inquisitor of Spain: Gyöngyi Blasek
Infanta Clara Farnese: Gyöngyi Blasek

Literary adviser: Judit Góczán
Set and Costume design: Judit Gombár
Assistant of director: Gergely Pelbát
Production manager: Katalin Balázs

Opening night: 20 May 2012, Maladype Base

REÖK Performaning Art Centre, Szeged, Hungary - 2014
Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, Budapest, Hungary - 2013
Natonal Theatre, Miskolc, Hungary - 2013
Katona József Theatre, Kecskemét, Hungary - 2013
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary - 2013