Writer: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Translation: Dezső Keresztury

Director: Zoltán Balázs

Egmont, in Goethe's famous drama is the 'favourite of the Gods'. The beloved hero of the 16th century Low Countries is harsh but honourable, vivacious and freedom-loving. Set in semimedieval Brussels amongst the Flander middle class community, Egmont’s story unravels whilst soldiers and noble men return home from fighting in the civil war. The complexity of the era unfolds and the ghosts of reformation and the bleak mercilessness of Spanish counterreformation become tangible. Egmont must make a decision: does he remain loyal to his people or to his monarch? The consequences of his choice can lead to a fatal conclusion.
Performed in the round, and featuring live acoustic music, the performance of this drama triggers conspiracies and collective empathy between spectators and actors alike. Should Egmont be lauded or condemned?

Count Egmont: Ákos Orosz
William of Orange: Gábor Jászberényi
The Duke of Alva: László Keszég
Ferdinand, his son: Zoltán Lendváczky
Margaret of Parma: Gabriella Varga
Clara, the beloved of Egmont: Erika Tankó
Her mother: Gyöngyi Blasek

Set designer: Judit Gombár
Costume: Mari Benedek
Assistant of director: Gergely Pelbát
Production manager: Katalin Balázs

Opening night: 20 May 12, Maladype Base

Jászai Mari Theatre, Tatabánya, Hungary - 2014
REÖK Regional Art Centre, Szeged, Hungary - 2014